Dentures are prosthetic devices that are constructed specifically for you to replace missing teeth. Full dentures are designed to artificially replace some or all of your teeth, depending on how many you are missing. Some patients only need partial dentures, which are smaller prosthetics designed for those who only have a single missing tooth or just a few teeth missing.

Today’s dentures have come quite a long away from the false teeth you have probably seen in the past. Our custom-designed dentures don’t just give you the confidence to eat, talk and smile just as you normally would, but they are also designed to help support the muscles in your face, jawline and lips. Many patients don’t realize that losing teeth can cause problems, such as premature facial sagging, difficulties eating, problems talking and a loss of confidence. Missing teeth is a real problem, however, that can cause some big issues if it isn’t addressed right away.

At Angeleno Smile, we utilize a variety of techniques and types of dentures in order to ensure the best possible fit. Dentures are created just for you and are designed from impressions that are taken of your mouth, right here in our office.

Keep in mind that some patients may require some pre-work before they can be properly fitted with dentures. Some types of oral surgery, including the removal of extra teeth or surgery on your gums may be required in order to create the most stable surface possible.

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A $399 value! Dental cleaning & exam in the absence of gum disease. It cannot be combined with other offers or insurance plans.

Once you have your dentures, they can typically last anywhere from 5-10 years, depending on your particular situation. There may be some adjustments required throughout the years, as the natural aging process can cause changes to the size and shape of our mouths. By staying on top of your dental care by always seeing a dentist for your checkups and cleanings throughout the year and reporting any problems with your dentures right away, you can enjoy a healthy mouth and a great smile for many years to come.

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