Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride, just as calcium and phosphate, is a mineral, which helps strengthen tooth enamel, making it harder and more resistant to the acids of sugar and plaque bacteria. In the early stage it may help prevent and even reverse tooth cavities.

The conducted research showed that fluoride is especially beneficial during childhood ages of the person, while teeth are still growing, thus making tooth enamel stronger and more protective.

Fluoride treatment in Angeleno Smile It is recommended for children to consume fluoridated water to prevent tooth decay. It is also important that your child gets a well balanced nutrition – with lots of minerals and vitamins (vitamin D and calcium are particularly important for good dental health).

Nevertheless, sometimes nutrition and fluoridated water alone is not enough, and children may need to get additional fluoride dental treatment for better tooth protection. In cases like such, we advise you to bring your child to the dentist regularly every six months – during the visit doctor will check the current state of the teeth and recommend additional treatment for your child if needed.

There are several kinds of fluoride treatment that a specialist may recommend for your kid. Sometimes children’s’ teeth may be hardened with the help of special fluoride gel treatment, which is poured into the mouth guard and left in the mouth of the child for several minutes. Sometimes a fluoride varnish may be applied to the kids’ teeth, which is usually left overnight and can be easily brushed off at home in the morning. Another kind of treatment may be rinsing mouth with the special professional fluoride mouthwash in the doctor’s office. Which particular kind of these fluoride treatments to apply is usually decided by the dentist individually depending on the case.

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