Six Month Smiles®

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional braces that used to require years to work? At Angeleno Smile, we are proud to offer the popular Six Month Smiles® Short Term Orthodontic System. Six Month Smiles® is an effective treatment for many different types of orthodontic issues, and mainly those related to cosmetic problems. The system is designed to correct most problems within six months, while some individuals may require a slightly longer treatment time depending on the severity of their situation.

The Six Month Smiles® system is the preferred option for correcting a variety of common orthodontic problems that can greatly affect your smile, including:

  • Realigning teeth that are overlapping or crowding others
  • Correcting obvious over/underbites
  • Filling in spaces
  • Fixing misalignment in the jawline
  • Getting rid of smile lines that have developed in reverse due to poor tooth alignment

To see if you are a candidate for Six Month Smiles®, the team at Angeleno Smile will take a complete set of dental x-rays and conduct a full exam of your teeth and gums in order to determine if your orthodontic issues could be corrected using this highly effective straightening system.

New Patient Special


A $399 value! Dental cleaning & exam in the absence of gum disease. It cannot be combined with other offers or insurance plans.

If you are found to be a good candidate, then we’ll fit your teeth with the clear brackets and arch wires (tooth colored, to match your smile), gluing the brackets to the teeth and using a special process to set everything into place. After that, all you need to do is keep your braces clean, adhere to the food guidelines given to you by your dentist and maintain your checkups for adjustments and tightening services once every 4-5 weeks.

If you’ve always wanted straighter teeth without dealing with braces for years,today’s treatments make it possible to improve your smile in a big way in just six short months! Contact Angeleno Smile today to schedule your next dental exam and ask about the Six Month Smiles® system.

Are you ready for a smile makeover?

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