Dental Bridges

If you have missing teeth or teeth that have been damaged, a fixed bridge could help prevent your other teeth from shifting and changing the alignment of your jaw. For many patients, a fixed bridge is the perfect solution for dealing with missing teeth, as they can blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth while filling in the gaps where any teeth are missing. A fixed bridge from Angeleno Smile can provide the strength and durability you’ve been looking for, making it possible to eat and talk just as your normally would with your natural teeth.

Angeleno Smile has the expertise and industry knowledge to create a fixed bridge that will be practically unnoticeable once it settles in. A good fixed bridge is often so hard to notice that many people report that they don’t even feel or see the dental work until it comes time to clean it! It’s a convenient and effective choice when it comes to improving your dental health and maintaining a more natural smile.

We take great pride in our fixed bridge services, working with the best dental device providers to create the perfect fixed dental appliance just for you. While the patient can’t remove a fixed bridge, it can be easily maintained by using special dental floss and a specific brush designed just for fixed bridges. A fixed bridge can also be removed and replaced by your dentist once it wears out, which can occur anywhere from 10-20 years after it has been installed.

To determine if a fixed bridge is the right choice for you, contact Angeleno Smile for a consultation. We’ll show you how filling in the gaps in your mouth with a more permanent solution can have a big impact on your everyday life.

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A $399 value! Dental cleaning & exam in the absence of gum disease. It cannot be combined with other offers or insurance plans.

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